What You Need To Know About Personal Loans

Sometimes  there are opportunities that come our way but requires us to have that cash loan singapore to take advantage of that opportunity. An example would be a business partnership being offered to you which you believe will work but currently don’t have the savings needed. Getting a low interest personal loan is good as long as you know how to manage it well.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are unsecured loans where the proceeds of the loan are not locked in for a specific use. Because these types of loan are unsecured, the interest rates for these loans are often higher than other types of loan. Personal loans can be used in a variety of goals. The most common ones are medical expenses, household and auto repair, purchase of high value goods, and debt consolidation. The borrower in this case receives a certain amount of money which is also known as the principal.

The borrower then pays the lender an amortization during the term of the loan which is inclusive of the interest rate. The interest rate is the payment being made or the cost of borrowing the money from the lender.

Interest and Payment Terms

Personal loans are types of loans that have a fixed interest rates. The predetermined rate is then applied to the loan and the amortization payments that need to be paid by the borrower incorporates these predetermined interest rate. Interest rates that are being offered by bank are generally based on your credit rating score. The better score you have on your credit rating grants you a lower interest rates and vice versa. The lower interest rates that are granted the better as you have a lower cost for borrowing the money.

There are personal loans that offer a variable interest rate but this means that your amortization payments can fluctuate based on the interest rate applicable to that period. This makes the amortization payment that you need to budget for the period quite unpredictable.

Also, personal loans have fixed payment terms or loan periods. Loan periods are granted between 12 to 36 months as a standard practice. Once this has been set, it cannot be changed to a different loan period as it will affect the interest rate and the amortization payment required to be paid monthly.